Strange but true: Godard, Snyder, & Blue

I included Jean Luc Godard and Gary Snyder in my post about James Blue’s Who Killed Fourth Ward? without knowing all three artists share a birth year.

jean-luc-godardJean Luc Godard, born Dec. 3, 1930

UnknownGary Snyder, born May 8, 1930

swamp-citzen-filmmaker-300x220James Blue, born April 5, 1930


Notes On James Blue is a blog kept by Anne Richardson, of Oregon Movies, A to Z, to cover the 2014 James Blue Tribute. The six month long Tribute celebrates the bequest of James Blue’s films to the University of Oregon by the James Blue Alliance, a 501 c3 non profit organization dedicated to preserving the legacy of filmmaker and film educator James Blue.

Notes On James Blue is supported by the James Blue Alliance. All thoughts, opinions and errors, however, belong to Anne Richardson, and do not necessarily reflect those of the Alliance.

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