James Blue, Richard Brautigan, Don Carpenter: Creative Arts Conference, San Diego, 1969


This terribly fuzzy image is of a poster for a twelve day arts conference at the United States International University in San Diego. Found on the tightly researched Brautigan website.

The conference presented The Filmmaker (Jim Morrison, James Blue), The Writer (Don Carpenter, Richard Brautigan) and The Poet (Michael McClure, Robert Creeley), among others.

Admission to each event was $1.00!

I post it here as evidence of James Blue’s and Jim Morrison’s post-UCLA friendship. It is worth noting, however, that three of the featured speakers appear on Oregon Movies, A to Z.

James Blue (1930-1940)

Don Carpenter (1931-1995)

Richard Brautigan (1935-1984)

Carpenter produced Payday (1973), starring Rip Torn, from his own screenplay. Brautigan appeared in James Broughton’s The Bed (1967), although his footage was left on the cutting room floor.

Little known fact: Richard Brautigan was in high school in Eugene during the years James Blue was attending UO. So was Ken Kesey!

Coming up next in the James Blue Tribute:

At 7:00 PM on April 23, 2014 in Eugene, at the Schnitzer Museum of Art, reknowned ethnographic filmmaker David MacDougall will introduce Kenya Boran, which he co-directed with James Blue in 1972. The screening is free.

More information about other James Blue Tribute events can be found here.


Notes On James Blue is a blog kept by Anne Richardson, of Oregon Movies, A to Z, to cover the 2014 James Blue Tribute. The six month long Tribute celebrates the bequest of James Blue’s films to the University of Oregon by the James Blue Alliance, a 501 c3 non profit organization dedicated to preserving the legacy of filmmaker and film educator James Blue.

Notes On James Blue is supported by the James Blue Alliance. All thoughts, opinions, and errors, however, belong to Anne Richardson, and do not necessarily reflect those of the Alliance.

2 thoughts on “James Blue, Richard Brautigan, Don Carpenter: Creative Arts Conference, San Diego, 1969

  1. dan blue says:

    Nice digging Anne! Love the poster. Fantastic!

  2. Kayelen says:

    I met Jim Morrison (and Brautigan and McClure) at this event and we hung out together for several days, meeting up with his friends for lunch or dinner and went to a party at a house in (I think) Encinitas.

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