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Prologue to George Roy Hill’s Hawaii (1966)

I have never seen Hawaii.

Nominated for seven Academy Awards, George Roy Hill’s big screen adaptation of James Michener’s best seller brought in top box office.


Hill (above) hired James Blue to direct Hawaii’s gorgeous five minute Panavision prologue. It was Blue’s first film after The March (1963).

What else was Blue doing in Los Angeles? He began teaching at UCLA in 1964. One of his students, Jim Morrison, was in his final year of study. James B. and Jim M. must have become friends, since later Jim Morrison later brought The Doors to James Blue’s 40th birthday party.

Jim Morrison

Dan Blue told me he can’t imagine his church loving grandmother and the Lizard King (above) at the same party. But family legend says they were both there.

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At 7:00 PM on April 23, 2014 in Eugene, at the Schnitzer Museum of Art, reknowned ethnographic filmmaker David MacDougall will introduce Kenya Boran, which he co-directed with James Blue in 1972. The screening is free.

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